Baby’s room art.

The other day, I went to a craft store and something happened to me there, like a lightning strike, and I decided to complete the project I wanted to do  for a long time. I found this project on Make it and Love it website. I always thought it was cute and dreamed to make something like that when my baby comes along. At last, he is here (and was here for the last 6 months) and I remembered what I wanted to make. So, get ready, because I’ve never done anything like it. And I mean, NEVER!

I knew that the project will turn out either brilliant or a complete disaster…. So, I took a deep breath and grabbed a paint brush.

First I painted all of my three canvases the colors of my choice. I already had gray and brown I wanted to use, I needed just the third color to tie them together. I went with yellow and I hope it wasn’t a mistake:) Let me know! Even though it’s kind of late at this point, I’d like to know your opinion.

Then I went online! YAY for internet. And found free animal silhouettes that I could use for my project. The key word is “free.” I didn’t want steal anybody’s work, but since they were giving away those, I took them. Initially, I tried to pick animals that would be easier to paint (without small details). How did I end up with two skinny legs animals is still a question.

Next step is to trace your silhouette on canvas. Go easy on a pencil, especially on light colored ones. This was too much and I paid for it…:(

I didn’t take the picture of me painting within the lines, but I figured that it is probably not so necessary.

And here they are. My little animal farm or zoo!:) I think it turned out pretty good! I hope you like it! Happy Painting! It’s not that scary as it seemed to me in the beginning! I actually found it to be quite fun!

I linked this project to this party on Creation Corner!



About leana

I’m a stay at home mom and I love to create. However my creative bone can’t come up with projects on its own. I need help of other more creative DIY bloggers!:) So, I check different sites and blogs to find projects that I can apply in my every day life. I have fun with it and try to put my own twist on it. Creativity doesn’t stop with only crafts. I create when I cook, because I’m still learning how to. And I create when it comes to parenting too. I create a home for all of us, not only because I’m a homemaker, but because I’m a MOM. And I am proud of that.
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